Maternity Portraiture

In 2010 I designed a unique way to celebrate your pregnancy. It is called A Capsule In Time and is a boutique service designed for those who wish to have a wonderful preservation of memories during this time. Imagine if you were able to see your parents and hear their voices as they speak to you about life and their intentions for you before you were even born. That is the idea behind A Capsule In Time. This service makes a great gift for the mother to be so call me if you and your group of friends are interested in giving this as a gift! Maternity portraits for this project are ideal in the 2nd trimester so give me a call early on to schedule your session!


So why should you consider maternity photography?

1. You're beautiful: Face it, time is flying by and we are all getting older. Think about it. You will never be younger than you are right now. I have had individuals call me 10 years later to buy more copies of a past session.

2. It's fun: This is a great time to put some of those ideas you have had into action.

3. It's an opportunity to bond with your partner: This is a wonderful time to share with the one you love. A date like no other. And If you are single, that's ok. Its all about you and your baby.

4. Professionally done: You could take snapshots yourself at home to post to facebook but why do it yourself when you can have beautiful images created for you?

5. A unique gift experience: Maternity portraits and "A Capsule in Time" make great gifts and can be purchased by a group of friends and family for the expectant mother.


Call for more information on a customized session for you and your partner.


Cynthia Mallory